About Keyphoto


Keyphoto are a specialist supplier of digital photography and ‘traditional’ photography (by traditional we mean film and chemistry, whether it be 35mm or 120mm or large format), exclusively to the education sector and government. We have been established since 1989 within this quite niche sector

It is within recent years that we have decided to bring our knowledge to the general public. We strongly believe in ‘traditional’ methods and would hate to see it die out. We advocate that students learn film before digital and we often host workshops within colleges and universities to help teach students about alternative processes with film technology

We aren’t straying from education, and in fact, we offer a student discount on our website


Students can register an account on our website. Please use the email address your university/college have given you so that we may verify you with a student account quicker!
Once you have a student account you can then get 10% off of anything on our website, and free shipping with an order over £50. By 10% off of anything, we mean anything. Whether it be your film or paper, to new digital equipment or lighting

Happy Snapping!
The Keyphoto Team